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Why Solar Power?

Why should you use alternative power for your home or business?

How It Works

What if it is cloudy or rainy for weeks at a time? Will I still have hot water?

How to Afford Solar

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Learn about Federal and State tax credits for using alternative power.


China Leaving US Behind in Green Energy


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Estimate my solar energy system.

Sun Stuff Energy has been the premier retailer of solar energy resources for Western North Carolina since 1984. Whether you are considering Solar water heating, Solar Space Heating, Solar Air Conditioning,  Wind Generators, or other Alternative Energy Systems for your home or business, our knowledge, experience, and expertise help make renewable energy a reality.

At Sun Stuff Energy, solar energy technology is real and affordable. We offer custom design, consulting, and installation services for energy resources that work best for YOU. All of our products are selected from the highest quality suppliers at the most competitive prices. Find out what your savings could be with with our Solar Estimator.

We have designed our website for anyone interested in alternative, renewable energy resources, whether you are a curious novice or knowledgeable industry professional. We invite your participation, feedback, research,and product submissions.

In the face of increasing energy costs and consumption, consider Sun Stuff Energy as a valuable resource for increasing your energy supply diversity.We want to be your preferred green energy resource.

The Sun's Up - Why Aren't You Using It?